Double Sides color steel Composite PhenolicFoam Insulation Duct Panel

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Phenolic Foam Insulation Panel both sides with Color Steel Sheet Panel Structure: Phenolic Foam as core material, both sides composited Color Steel Sheet Double-sided color steel composite phenolic foam insulation air duct sheet is an upgraded product of single-sided color steel composite phenolic foam insulation air duct sheet. It is a special ventilation product produced for users of subway, high-speed railway and high-clean environment projects. It is a traditional iron sheet wind. The upgraded product of the pipe solves the shortcomings of the traditional air pipe products in the application of easy damage, corrosion, and difficult to clean. It is a high-end product.

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Product Description

●Have all the advantages of single-sided color steel composite phenolic foam insulation air duct board;
●Long service life, up to 30 years, good cost performance;
●High-strength structure can not be easily damaged in complex construction;
●The fire resistance time is up to 120 minutes;
●Small friction along the layer, no dust during use, easier to clean;
●It can be applied to engineering requirements with wind pressure above 2000Pa.
●Suitable for high clean environment;
●Sound-proof and good thermal insulation performance
●Effect: Significantly reduce noise caused by draught fan; Improve thermal insulation performance
●Nowadays, only Color Steel Sheet are usually used for Cabinet Fan Box, which is quite noisy. Now the noise problem can be well solved after using our Phenolic Foam Insulation Panels.

Technical Indicators

Item  Standard Technical Data Testing organization
Duration of fire resistance GB17428-2009 ≥2h National Center for quality supervision and inspection of fixed fire extinguishing systems and fire resistant structures
 Density GB/T6343-2009 ≥60kg/m3 National Building Materials Testing Center
thermal conductivity GB/T10295-2008 0.018-0.025W(m.K)  
bending strength GB/T8812-2008 ≥1.05MPa  
compressive strength GB/T8813-2008 ≥220KPa  
Resistance along the way, pressure resistance and deformation, air leakage JGH141-2004 +-1500Pa  

Product specifications

(mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickness
3950/2950 1200 20-25-30

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