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Jiangsu ZDW Energy Saving Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the New Material Industrial Park of Xuzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. It is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sales of heat insulation and sound insulation materials, sealing fillers, and synthetic materials, and provides engineering and technical research and experimental development. A technologically innovative enterprise. Mainly produce Exterior Wall Insulation Board Series, HVAC Air Duct Panel Series…


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  • 6双面彩钢复合酚醛泡沫保温风管板材
  • Rigid foam polyurethane composite insulation board

    Rigid foam polyurethane cool composite insulation board The hard foam polyurethane composite insulation board is an insulation board with hard foam polyurethane insulation material as the core material and a composite cement-based protective layer on both sides. It is formed in one step using con...

  • TIM Expo Shanghai – Insulation Expo China

    Strength explosion ! Jiangsu ZDW appears at TIM Expo Shanghai Insulation Expo China  The booth is not big, the stage is big!   Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai International Insulation Materials Exhibition, Jiangsu ZDW Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is located at booth E...

  • Advantages of Polyurethane(PU) Pre-insulated HVAC Ductwork

    Advantages of Polyurethane(PU) Pre-insulated HVAC Ductwork: 1. Lower heat conductivity, higher thermal efficiency 2. Low density, light weight 3. Foamed with CFC free materials, environment protective 4. Hermetic seal ensures little air leakage 5. With aluminum foil reinforced on both sides, its ...